Target, convert and retain your best customers and prospects

Discover the power of real time intent and life moments data.

Stand out from highly competitive industries

Marketshot helps top advertisers leverage digital channels and evolving consumer behaviors.


Support product launches, promotional campaigns and generate high quality traffic at dealerships.

Telco / Entertainment

Increase both volume and value of new subscribers in a constantly evolving market environment.


Feed sales teams with qualified leads and appointments for new built real estate and en ‘immobilier résidentiel and rental investment.


Detect investor profiles and generate on and offline account applications and openings.


Grow your new business and customer portfolio by focusing on highly qualified profiles.


Generate quailty applications while keeping acquisition costs under control.


Target and convert new subscribers.

Discover our solutions

A complete set of data-driven products to accelerate your customer acquisition and retention.

On-demand intenders profiles

Private access to customized in-market customer segments.

Real time

Value based


Efficient customer acquisition and loyalty

Programmatic activation campaigns

Advanced signals

Customized audience


Online comparison and buying guides

Marketshot is a publisher of online comparison websites and buying guides available on desktop and mobile formats. Our consumer brand,, is home to an active community of 1 million smart consumers.

Technology is in our DNA

Agile and scalable, Marketshot technology and unique set of first party intenders profiles lets us engage in-market only consumers and deliver high conversion performance across all channels and devices for advertisers.

Customers and partners

Since 2008, Marketshot works with key players in the digital ecosystem.


Marketshot works for most leading brands willing to engage consumers in the digital.


Marketshot has built strong partnerships with top agencies in the digital advertising landscape.


Marketshot also works with key players in the digital, mobile and performance industry.

About us

Fast growth path both at the French and European scale.

Rank #934

Financial Times 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2017

Rank #164

FrenchWeb 500 2017

Rank #131

Technology Fast 500 Europe 2014

Rank #28

Technology Fast 50 France 2014

Rank #43 "entreprise d’avenir"

L'Express/EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

In addition to working hard and being highly skilled, our entire team shares values that makes it unique.


We are all curious and happy to start all over again when things change.


We have high risk tolerance and favour initative versus policing.


We will never harm our customers or our end users for short term interest or master evil plan.

Our R&D program has strong ambitions.

Predictive modeling

We have built our own dynamic model that predicts future purchase based on online behavior.

Academic Partnerships

A 3 year joint research effort with Aix-Marseille university.

Government approvals

Marketshot has gained the official innovation-related status and gets tax credit for its research program.

Well know investors have invested in us and are happy about it.

Marketshot raised funds with top investors that helped us grow faster both organically and through M&A.